Whoa is Me!


Have you ever felt defeated? Well join the club.. that’s me right now at this current moment.

So just a little back story . I’ve completed 4 years of education for a Bachelors of Science Degree and 2 years of Graduate studies for a Masters of Public Administration, and a lifetime of debt .  All I can do is ask my self why??? What was my purpose for doing all this education and studying . I’m at a point where I could honestly pack up my degrees and send them back and start fresh.

I vent to family and friends about how hard it is to find a good purposeful job with decent pay for my education experience. I submit application after application and still nothing. They all say the same thing you should be proud you have accomplished so much , for your age, etc. and so forth. I try not to worry and feel defeated but the reality is it’s so hard. I’m just praying for better days, and professional progression. Right now I feel stagnant and at a stand still. I’ve been at my current company for 3 years with very little progression. I’m ready for a change and I desire a change, but I’m loosing motivation!!!

I know what I’m capable of, and I know my worth but I’m not into wasting anyone’s time just for a paycheck. I need to be fulfilled and I want to be excited going to work. I’m just so sad during this holiday season and I hope I can get out of this gray area before the new year. I say this because I have big plans and goals to achieve, but I can’t keep this negative aura .

One thing for sure and two things for certain 2019 will be a good , no a GREAT  year for me! I’m claiming progression and an overflow of blessings. Lol but I still want to pack up those pieces of paper that  cost me over $100k and send them back to their respective institutions.

Comment below tips, words of encouragement, anything positive to keep me motivated and let me know how you managed to find happiness during the storm.


Until next time



Blessed Beyond Measure


Good Tuesday Morning!

Before I start I want you to take a moment a think about 1 or 2 things over the past week that were small victories or blessings. Now smile cause you’ve won the prize of pure happiness !

Let me share one of my blessed moments!

On Friday I was approached by a family member to help in a monetary capacity(borrow some money lol). Now the amount was small but in my world it was like asking for $1,000,000. Nonetheless I agreed to it and prayed over it and let my cousin know that it will be available for her. I felt good knowing that I was able to help. I didn’t even think twice about it. I went on with my weekend as planned knowing fully that somewhere I’m short the amount I had just given out, but I was ok with that. I know that I was a blessing for her and she needed it more than me. Fast forward to Sunday, I go to church and I’m a believer in Christ so Sunday in my house is the Lord’s day . We had a celebration at church for the 104 year celebration , such a marvelous time . My heart was so full from that worship experience and the message. Later on that evening after it all was said and done, as I’m resting I get a call from my aunt. She called to tell me that she had been blessed and felt the need be a blessing to someone else, and she has deposited some money into my  account just because, and then my father followed up with  saying please go and stock your house with groceries on me  . Let us pause here. Do you see what happened here? Do you see how  being a blessing returns in some one else being a blessing?

When I say my heart is full and I’m happy . Not because of the return but because of the blessing. Because of the promise. I’m not going to preach but God , he covers us, and even when your unsure of where your help is coming from you can believe that your help is coming when you least expect it.

So for this week I challenge you to be a blessing to someone in any capacity small or big. And when you do it , do it from a good place and be happy when doing so. Just know your blessing is coming it may not be instantaneously but understand its coming.


I hope everyone has a great week!

Until next time

Yanna 🙂



Welcome friends!

So the other day when I received my pay check I could have cried not because it was less than I expected or was wrong , but because I instantly started to stress about everything that I had to pay.

Lets stop here. Notice how I said I instantly started to think about EVERYTHING  that I had to pay? I didn’t say how I was thankful or prayed over the paycheck I received but I pointed out all the stress factors behind it.

I have to say if your like me and instantly jump in to what if mode or panic mode STOP!!!!!!

Think about the blessing : the job, the compensation!

According to psychcentral “Chronic stress increases the risk of developing health problems including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and a weakened immune system.” Whewwwww if that doesn’t speak to you then carry-on. For me that says a lot, it reminds me that my body is my temple, and God is my strength and provider. Yes the bills and the financial situation is there but guess what God will provide. My physical and mental health is way more important then worrying about things that are so minor, because in reality there are people who have NOTHING!

I challenge you to be thankful for what you have, pray over it, and ask for an increase. Be patient and be happy. I know that spiritually I’m rich and if I keep on living my life the way God has intended for me I will be just fine.

When stress sneaks up like a thief in the night try some of these tactics to recover and press forward:

  1. Pray
  2. Exercise
  3. Renew your mind
  4. Surround yourself with positive reinforcement
  5. Think positive

While this is a short list there are many more things to do in order to keep the worry and stress away, these are just a few that help me .

I hope you all can find peace in knowing that you are blessed beyond belief and YOU WILL BE OK!


Until next time friends




You ever wonder why a smile is considered the best feature of a person? Its simple it shows your internal and external happiness. All it takes is a smile to brighten up your moment, hour or day.  Simultaneously a smile can hide your true feelings that are deep down inside. Some people understand that smiling can be genuine or a façade.

Kudos to those who are genuinely happy ,just perfect in every way possible and have no room for growth or change I envy you!  However for those of us who struggle with hiding and suppressing our feelings know that a smile can only take you so far before you just break down.

But because I’ve been there, sometimes still there and have been working on my true genuine self , I can offer you some advice that has helped me along the way:

  1. Reflect on a time when you were genuinely happy and  “your best self” in your eyes. Allow yourself to drift back to that time and remember what it was that placed you in that space.
  2. Take time for yourself. I don’t think people really understand just how important it is to have ME TIME. This goes for men and women. You have to learn yourself and be ok with where you are.
  3. Document your feelings from that day, or week or month. Figure out what changed , what turned good to bad. It’s  like when you were a child and lost something and our parents would say where did you last see it? The same principles apply here go back to the beginning and see if you can find the change or where you lost your smile, your happiness.

Although these 3 points may seem minor its a simple starting point . Because it is true a smile can change the way your feeling , whether good or bad but lets be real friends hopefully its good. I mean  really when you think about it your alive breathing , you got another shot of life and no one or one circumstance should be able to alter your mood or happiness.

From the great words of Lil Duvall  “You got a lot to be smilin’ for (smile, smile , c’mon)”


Until next time friends


Embracing My New Life



Uh huh, I’m back what cha, uh whatcha gon do now?

Have you ever got so tired of the normal you? Like it literally felt as it EVERYTHING in your life was repetitive? Yes? Well you’re not alone , because that was me all 2016 and 2017. And here it is 72 days shy of 2019 and I’m still caught in between I’m over this and I’m a new and improved me. So much has changed in my life , I’ll give you a quick timeline:

March 13 2016: Became Saved and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior

October 29 2016: Feeling low and depressed

January 1 2017: Weight loss Resolutions proclaimed

April 2 2017: Absolutely disgusted with my reflection

July 28 2017: Solid promise to myself to make a long-lasting change

October 22 2017: Took back control of my life called this “Stay tuned”

December 6 2017: My life changed forever physically , mentally, and spiritually

January 14 2018: Lost over 35 lbs.

For reading purposes I’ll skip to End of summer 2018

At this time is where I felt confused with my identity , who I am as a person , and God’s purpose for me . Everything that I knew I had question marks next to it. It was at this time that I again revisited the stage of my life where I felt low and depressed . I’m literally 60lbs down from my highest weight and I’m still not happy. I was receiving all these compliments , all this male attention, all things that I never really experienced and one would think I would be eating it up but no. I was lonelier then I have ever experienced and felt so empty….Couldn’t figure out why. But now I’m fully aware ! All this time I’ve trying to do it on my own , when in reality I needed someone who knew me better than I knew myself , someone who never once judged me, and someone who always loved me … GOD!

Figuring that part out was easy! Now learning and moving forward is when the real work begins. I invite you to follow my journey to my new, improved, unfiltered, uncensored , far from perfect world. But even with all those descriptive words I know that God has it under control.


Please understand that I’m not always going to do things correct , or the way others feel I should do it , but this is MY journey and I know that my intentions and heart is pure. I’m going to make mistakes but we all do and guess what we are all forgiven!


Take care and I’ll see you all soon