Embracing My New Life



Uh huh, I’m back what cha, uh whatcha gon do now?

Have you ever got so tired of the normal you? Like it literally felt as it EVERYTHING in your life was repetitive? Yes? Well you’re not alone , because that was me all 2016 and 2017. And here it is 72 days shy of 2019 and I’m still caught in between I’m over this and I’m a new and improved me. So much has changed in my life , I’ll give you a quick timeline:

March 13 2016: Became Saved and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior

October 29 2016: Feeling low and depressed

January 1 2017: Weight loss Resolutions proclaimed

April 2 2017: Absolutely disgusted with my reflection

July 28 2017: Solid promise to myself to make a long-lasting change

October 22 2017: Took back control of my life called this “Stay tuned”

December 6 2017: My life changed forever physically , mentally, and spiritually

January 14 2018: Lost over 35 lbs.

For reading purposes I’ll skip to End of summer 2018

At this time is where I felt confused with my identity , who I am as a person , and God’s purpose for me . Everything that I knew I had question marks next to it. It was at this time that I again revisited the stage of my life where I felt low and depressed . I’m literally 60lbs down from my highest weight and I’m still not happy. I was receiving all these compliments , all this male attention, all things that I never really experienced and one would think I would be eating it up but no. I was lonelier then I have ever experienced and felt so empty….Couldn’t figure out why. But now I’m fully aware ! All this time I’ve trying to do it on my own , when in reality I needed someone who knew me better than I knew myself , someone who never once judged me, and someone who always loved me … GOD!

Figuring that part out was easy! Now learning and moving forward is when the real work begins. I invite you to follow my journey to my new, improved, unfiltered, uncensored , far from perfect world. But even with all those descriptive words I know that God has it under control.


Please understand that I’m not always going to do things correct , or the way others feel I should do it , but this is MY journey and I know that my intentions and heart is pure. I’m going to make mistakes but we all do and guess what we are all forgiven!


Take care and I’ll see you all soon








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